Our values

Our approach to ethics, diversity, and inclusion and sustainability

Lyn Duncan, CEO cloudBuy

At cloudBuy we hire people for their ability to do the job and the contribution they can make. Our differences drive our innovation and help us understand the needs of our customers around the world.”  
Lyn Duncan, CEO cloudBuy

Our approach to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities makes sound business sense.

Technology companies, whatever their size, need to draw from a wide range of skills, talents and personalities to thrive in the global market. We need sales people, support staff, developers, quality assurance, project managers, accountants, marketers, and more. This requires a mix of people with a wide range of perspectives.

Embracing different cultures and viewpoints helps us understand our customers and develop innovative solutions. This is even more important as our business expands around the world.

A diverse team also makes cloudBuy a better place to work. We learn from each other and have fun together. This helps us attract and retain the right people.

cloudBuy provides equal employment and development opportunities for all employees regardless of age, race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, or disability. We see the value in each employee as an individual and develop them accordingly.

Our sustainability commitment

cloudBuy is committed to protecting the environment, improving our own environmental performance, and delivering cloud solutions which enable our customers to meet their own sustainability challenges and promises.

cloudBuy has provided a lead in the software industry, working with the UK software trade association, BASDA, in the area of ethical and environmental performance and standards. cloudBuy led the following projects:

  • BASDA Green XML – the development of a software industry standard to enable the free exchange of green information between systems and automate supply chain sustainability accounting.
  • BASDA Utilities XML – the development of a software industry standard to automate the transmission of energy bills and allow the automation of scope 1 and scope 2 carbon footprint calculations.

cloudBuy’s UK headquarters are located on the Calleva Business Park and we are a member of the Calleva Community Energy Co-op. 

cloudBuy also reduces its environmental impact by:

  • measuring and minimising our supply chain carbon footprint
  • reducing business travel and encouraging, web based meetings, home working and car sharing
  • minimising electrical consumption, through using low energy devices where appropriate & balancing this against the impact of replacing devices before their end of life
  • minimising water usage 
  • recycling paper, refilling and recycling printer cartridges
  • refining the automation of our paperless processes to ensure that our organisation is as resource efficient as possible.

cloudBuy’s commitment to the environment is evidenced by our longstanding ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) accreditation.